Local Flash Content and SSL

We are in the process of migrating one of our largest eLearning systems to SSL and Active Directory. Some of the Learning Objects within this system are pretty complex and I’ve implemented a mechanism which allows you to test them standalone.

However during the migration to SSL these objects stopped working when run locally, from the IDE or from FlashDevelop.

I tried to wrap my head around why this was happening, since I’ve been doing less and less with serverside content and certificates these past few years.

Luckily I found this URL which described the problem quite accurate.

Http:// content cannot always access https:// content it seems, but the invalid security certificate was the biggest issue for us.

Our system admin Roy Olthof quickly jumped in, installed a valid certificate and tadaaaaa. Local content could access https content again. Note that we were accessing https content on our own test server, which didnt have a certificate installed.

In addition the Flash content kept giving me the mixed content (secure and unsecure) warning. After changing all the http://’s in the macromedia/adobe codebases (contained within the object and embed tags) this disappeared as well.

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