Welcome to my blog. Some of these posts can also be viewed as a series. Due to my teaching & game development activities it has been sort of empty here lately ;).

Part Ib – Intermezzo Improved Quad Clipping

You may or may not have noticed, but the clipping procedure in the DistortedPlane class we’ve been using can be improved, since it allows for false negatives. This is demonstrated when turning around fast in the panorama from the previous post: white triangles (or whatever your background color is) will pop up. What is going […]

Part I – Panorama prototype

So, after all the posts about rendering image planes we are finally getting to our first panorama implementation. You can test version 0.1 on the left, but be sure to read the ‘Issues’ section for an overview of stuff to fix in the next versions. Basically it is nothing more than just another cube like […]

Part IVc – Intermezzo Automatic Mesh Density Reduction

One of the things I wanted to try was to automatically reduce the mesh density of a plane based on it’s current size. So instead of determining beforehand that a plane has to have 6 by 6 subdivision, you would simply say something like make sure no subdivision is bigger than 30 x 30 pixels. […]

Part IVb – Intermezzo Magic Cube

After some minor adjustments to the DistortedPlane class it was possible to render more than one plane at a time (the interpolatedPoints array was static…). Class has now been extended with a front and backside material, and here is a small demonstration of putting a number of planes together. The material was a quick paintjob […]

Part IV – Perspective Plane Rendering

We are getting closer and closer to generating an actual cubic panorama. In case you just jumped on in from elsewhere, I’m working on a project in which I have to create a cubic panorama with hotspots that light up and it has to be in AS2, so this is my journal on the way […]

Part IIIb – Intermezzo GridRider

Another fun thing you can do using triangles. Hacked together but performs ok for AS2, runs at about 20% CPU. Click to start and turn the volume up!

Part III – Plane rendering

    You can download the DistortedPlane class and examples here . In the previous example we saw how to render arbitrary triangles, and we showed an example of how to reduce the equations in right-angled cases. In this post we are going to look into rendering a plane. We will do so without any perspective […]

Part II – Arbitrary bitmapfill transforms

Recap In the first post in this series, I discussed and explained matrix transforms and how they could be used to map a bitmap into an arbitrarily drawn triangle. However we saw that if we are ever going to render larger planes in 3d, mapping a single bitmap onto a single rectangle (or 2 triangles) […]

Part Ib – Butterfly intermezzo

In the we talked about affine transforms and splitting rectangles into triangles. We only talked about one of the simplest scenarios: mapping a complete rectangular area of a bitmap into a drawn triangle/rectangle. The formulas for mapping an arbitrary triangle of a source bitmap into an arbitraty drawn triangle are a bit more involved and […]

Part I – Affine Transforms

Also known as: fake 3d using bitmapfills transforming bitmapfills For a project I’m currently working on I have to create a textured cube with clickable hotspots (aka a panorama) that can light up. Easy enough in Papervision, if not for the fact that the performance needs to be very high and oh yes one minor […]