Welcome to my blog. Some of these posts can also be viewed as a series. Due to my teaching & game development activities it has been sort of empty here lately ;).

Flash 8 hitArea quirks

Also known as: dynamically drawn hitarea bug filter applied hitarea bug hitarea no longer works hitarea stops working I recently noticed two weird bugs while handling hitArea’s in Flash (I say bug you might say feature). Situation 1: you have a clip on the timeline, let’s call it dialog you have a large hitarea below […]

Consuming webservices in Flash 8

During a partial refactoring process of the Behrloo client system, one of the items on my list was the backend webservice result processing. Without going into a lot of detail how these services are wrapped, it suffices to say that somewhere in the application a couple of webservices are being initialized and utilized through the […]

Non selectable transparent textfield with embedded font

Some of the V2 Flash Components are less than intuitive now and then. While working on the new trophy tour for Heineken we had to create an application with a transparent textarea with non selectable non editable text using a non standard (embedded) font with Spanish characters. Oh and the text had to be rendered […]

Some notes on inheritance in ActionScript 2

When implementing super and subclasses, Flash will call the superclass’ constructor automatically unless you call it yourself. Imagine you have the following code: class Super { public function Super () { trace (“super called”); } } class Sub extends Super { } var myObject:Object = new Sub();

Inverting the alpha of a bitmap image in ActionScript 2

A piece of code and a demo says more than a thousand words :). This code demonstrates inversion of an alpha channel in Flash8/AS2.

Casting to Array in ActionScript 2

Imagine you have: var my2dArray:Array = new Array(); my2dArray.push ([1,2,3,4,5]); my2dArray.push ([6,7,8,9,0]); And now you want to access and cast an element of myArray to an array: var firstArray:Array = Array (my2dArray[0]); trace (firstArray.length); Right?

Create your own testserver with a fake domain (XP)

When you are developing a theme for say Joomla, or editing a lot of content, it is easier now and then to do this offline. However if you DO want to do this offline, you’ll need a testserver. I’ve been using JSAS, Joomla StandAlone Server for that purpose (but switched to XAMPP recently). Once installed, […]

Commandline scripting in PHP 5

At TriMM I am working on an eLearning environment consisting of a core engine and some 500 swfs (and growing). Some of these locations are very simple, like an image with hotspots and some are more complex such as an emailclient. The engine is refactored now and then, and extended, in addition the requests for […]

Wrapping function calls in ActionScript 2

Also known as: debugging function calls displaying the name of a called function tracing function calls director like Today I finally got to try something I had been wanting to try for a long time: wrapping function calls in a nice way. I had been playing around with function pointers etc, which was ok in […]

Local Flash Content and SSL

We are in the process of migrating one of our largest eLearning systems to SSL and Active Directory. Some of the Learning Objects within this system are pretty complex and I’ve implemented a mechanism which allows you to test them standalone. However during the migration to SSL these objects stopped working when run locally, from […]