Part VII – Panorama hotspot interaction, light up on mouse over

With respect to the previous post (part VI), only a few minor changes were required to the demo we had so far. Basically making the hotspot light up is implemented by drawing on the plane’s material. That’s all there is to it. I’ve implemented this idea in the interactive material class.

Lots of room for optimization, but the basic principle remains the same.

Although the goal has never been to deliver a set of reusable classes/components, the basics are all there, and the possibilities are legion. And although the architecture of the code samples can be improved, and they are far from being a complete application, most of the principles and a lot of the sources can be reused and applied to your own panorama implementations. Also note that you might need to clean the code a bit (I saw some left over parameters sneaking around that are no longer used, hunt them down!).

Download the sources here: 3d Panorama v0.7 (913 downloads)

So this concludes my panorama series, hope you enjoyed it. Onto the next project!

Below is a screenshot of the final version with real images and hotspots implemented. The image is a 3d image and was rendered by my colleague at TriMM, Sebastiaan Dorgelo.