Also known as:

  • iterating properties in actionscript 2 causes getter setter to execute
  • I was working on our AS2 logger today. In particular I was creating a setup where you could simply drop in a couple components in your fla and ‘tada’, you would have a reflecting logger at your disposal.

    I’ll go into the reflecting logger and component creation in another post, because what happened was that during a test run I ran into the dreaded 256 levels recursion problem.

    Some research indicated that the problem lay with getters and setters.

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    Today I ran into a nasty ‘feature’ of FLfile.listFolder in Flash 8 on Windows XP.

    FLfile.listFolder doesn’t list files that don’t have the archive flag enabled.

    Workaround: none except enabling the archive flag for all files you are searching for.

    Also known as:

    • dynamically drawn hitarea bug
    • filter applied hitarea bug
    • hitarea no longer works
    • hitarea stops working

    I recently noticed two weird bugs while handling hitArea’s in Flash (I say bug you might say feature).

    Situation 1:

    • you have a clip on the timeline, let’s call it dialog
    • you have a large hitarea below the dialog, let’s call it largeHitArea
    • you have connected the hitarea to the dialog: dialog.hitArea = largeHitArea
    • you have set the onPress of the dialog to anything but null

    Everything works fine up to this point, the large hitarea makes the dialog act as a modal dialog, since you cannot trigger any mouse events below it.

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