Looking back, it has been almost 36 years since the moment I laid eyes on my first computer. Although my first program was none too spectacular, even for an eight-year-old, the moment my name rolled across the screen, kept on rolling and forced me to pull the plug, changed my life for ever. I have lost track of the countless hours, days, weeks and months I’ve spent in front of a shimmering screen, hacking my way through some piece of obscure code, and I am sure my parents sometimes wondered back then, “Who is that person who joins us for dinner on Sunday ?”.

If insanity is doing the same thing over and over again while expecting different results, yep guilty, I’m bonkers.
To make it even worse I also decided I like modelling, texturing, drawing and 10.000 other things too.

So yeah, not a lot has changed through the years, and my wife and kids are still asking the same damn question ;).
Ok, that’s a lie, it’s not that bad *cough*.

Anyway, my name is Hans and I am an asset creator/game developer/teacher from the Netherlands, and this is my little neck of the woods. My tools of choice are Blender, Unity/C#, Substance Painter and Photoshop. If you would like to get in touch, don’t hesitate to reach out through the contact form below. As long as you don’t ask what I’m doing on Sunday, ‘coz apparently I got plans :).



One word: brilliance I was lucky to run into Hans before he finished his MSc in Computer Science, so I could offer him a job. He proved to be invaluable to our company. Hans is an excellent software developer, very nice to work with and has a great sense of humor. He is at his best working in a team with motivated professionals aiming to produce outstanding products.

Willem Jaap ZwartCEO at Concordia Film / Theater / Exposition

Hans is one of the most driven, intelligent and swell guys I ever worked with. If you ever need a solution, for anything – but especially if you need cool stuff that’s sound and really thought through; you need Hans.

Sebastiaan DorgeloExperience Design Director

Working with Hans has always been a great pleasure. Working together in various technical languages, from Java, PHP till Flash, Hans has never ceased to amaze me. A senior software engineer with a gifted eye for any technical issue, easily grasping the questions be it business or technically wise, and transforming them to solid technical solutions and stable applications.

Saša RadovanovićFounder / Business Consultant at Sosialforce

Hans is an excellent developer who is dedicated, knowledgeable and able to call upon years of experience. He achieves the results as desired and doesn’t have a 9 – 5 mentality, putting in many ‘private’ hours to improve his skill set and get things done. Hans is sociable and friendly, yet has an air of arrogance at times that gives the (correct) impression that he knows what he is talking about and is not afraid to make the right decisions when necessary.

Lloyd HopperFormer sysadmin TriMM Interactive Media

In my opinion, Hans is one of the best programmers I know. He is technically very competent, an asset to the project and is pragmatic enough to complete a project in planning or budget without affecting the quality of his work.

Andre GroenewoudE-learning & knowledge management professional

Hans is a whiz at creating a concept. Due to his great technical knowledge, he has shown that he can design and build a very complex game, complemented by beautiful graphics. In short, very satisfied with Neuropuzzles. Hans is also a nice person to communicate with. Does what he says and says what he does.

Mathanje HuismanMarketing advisor & Graphic designer

Hans is a very hard worker, and a highly skilled one. When building a (web) application, he never loses sight of the the project goals and takes good care to align budget and scope in order to make the project a success. He has very good analytical skills, which also make him an invaluable team member during the start up and design phase of a project. In short: it was always a delight having Hans on a project, because you knew beforehand: with him on the project, I don’t need to worry. In addition, he is a very pleasant person to work with. To put it more formally: he has excellent people skills.

Frank van DoornFormer project manager at TriMM

Besides being a real Flash guru, Hans also proved to be a contributor of value in the development proces. He oversees a project, preventing you from stepping into pitfalls. I was impressed, every single time…

John BaijensITSforYou (client)

Hans can make impossible things possible … in a short time he can make himself an expert in the domain he explores. He disagrees on this but I know better … 😉 He works hard and has a very high quality standard for his own work. Besides that he is a good team player and working with him guarantees LOL. I wish him a lot of fun and success the coming years.

Kathy van EijkelenburgFormer CEO TriMM Interactive Media

It was very enjoyable working with Hans (both professionally and socially). I’ve never seen such a drive to make the most of Flash / Actionscript (a goal he even succeeded at somewhat ;)).

David Scheltens.Net Backend Developer

Hans is one of these rare people that never stop learning. He learns extremely fast and the way he manages multiple projects at the level he does is just astounding. The way he never stops learning, he also never stops inspiring. Whether its students, colleagues, family or friends. He’s just always eager to help and learn. And because of all this knowledge he has, he’ll tackle any problem you throw at him. Whether its front-end, back-end, Unity 3D or even graphical. Before you know it, it suddenly works. And Hans is already working on the next thing.

Marc AbbinkEntrepreneur and professional life explorer.

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