Part IVb – Intermezzo Magic Cube

After some minor adjustments to the DistortedPlane class it was possible to render more than one plane at a time (the interpolatedPoints array was static…). Class has now been extended with a front and backside material, and here is a small demonstration of putting a number of planes together. The material was a quick paintjob […]

Part IV – Perspective Plane Rendering

We are getting closer and closer to generating an actual cubic panorama. In case you just jumped on in from elsewhere, I’m working on a project in which I have to create a cubic panorama with hotspots that light up and it has to be in AS2, so this is my journal on the way […]

Part IIIb – Intermezzo GridRider

Another fun thing you can do using triangles. Hacked together but performs ok for AS2, runs at about 20% CPU. Click to start and turn the volume up!

Part III – Plane rendering

    You can download the DistortedPlane class and examples here . In the previous example we saw how to render arbitrary triangles, and we showed an example of how to reduce the equations in right-angled cases. In this post we are going to look into rendering a plane. We will do so without any perspective […]

Part II – Arbitrary bitmapfill transforms

Recap In the first post in this series, I discussed and explained matrix transforms and how they could be used to map a bitmap into an arbitrarily drawn triangle. However we saw that if we are ever going to render larger planes in 3d, mapping a single bitmap onto a single rectangle (or 2 triangles) […]

Part Ib – Butterfly intermezzo

In the we talked about affine transforms and splitting rectangles into triangles. We only talked about one of the simplest scenarios: mapping a complete rectangular area of a bitmap into a drawn triangle/rectangle. The formulas for mapping an arbitrary triangle of a source bitmap into an arbitraty drawn triangle are a bit more involved and […]

Part I – Affine Transforms

Also known as: fake 3d using bitmapfills transforming bitmapfills For a project I’m currently working on I have to create a textured cube with clickable hotspots (aka a panorama) that can light up. Easy enough in Papervision, if not for the fact that the performance needs to be very high and oh yes one minor […]

Flag effect in ActionScript 3

What better image to use for a flag effect than an image by Derek Riggs (which you already have on your living room wall right? Not?) Click on the flag ! Anyway, in this example I’ve experimented with using perlin noise as a displacementmap, and overlaying the same displacement map for a lighting effect. The […]

Wrapping BitmapData in Actionscript 3

Sometimes you overlook the easiest solutions. I had implemented a wrapping bitmap in actionscript 2, by some complex copyPixels code, which would cut 1 to 4 pieces from the original image and put them together again, providing you with a bitmap that wraps. Then I realized that there is a much easier solution, with more […]

Visual Reflections in ActionScript 3

I migrated the of my reflection class some time ago, but hadn’t gotten to posting it yet. I managed to whip up some examples of this new as 3 version. It’s not as feature rich as the as 2 version due to some changes between as 2 and as 3, but just as easy to […]