Visual Reflections in ActionScript 2

Making a reflection is not that hard, but getting it to work right with scaled clips with weird registration points out of the box was a little harder. Anyway I think I came up with something nice, and it performs quite well: You can download the source and a bunch of demo’s here .

Injection Swf Class hook

Also known as: keeping your sources out of the injection swf decoupling your main class from your injection swf If you are developing your actionscript 2 apps in FlashDevelop, in a lot of cases this means you are using an injection swf. This injection swf contains all your assets. There are two options to start […]

Grabbing bitmap data from external swf in ActionScript 2

Also known as: alternative localization method grabbing bitmap data from a loaded swf in actionscript 2 linkageExportForAS in JSFL not working for bitmaps For Heineken, one of TriMM’s clients, I had to work on a project called the photomodule. Originally written by Paul de Jong, it required some adaptions for another site. One of the […]

Iterating properties creates unwanted side-effects

Also known as: iterating properties in actionscript 2 causes getter setter to execute I was working on our AS2 logger today. In particular I was creating a setup where you could simply drop in a couple components in your fla and ‘tada’, you would have a reflecting logger at your disposal. I’ll go into the […]

Finding character positions in ActionScript 2

Also known as: finding the position of a character in a dynamic textfield with embedded fonts using actionscript 2 One of current projects involves some texteffects and I am loath to do anything on the timeline that can be done quicker by code. So my basic idea was (keeping the designer in me happy): Doing […]

Flash 8 hitArea quirks

Also known as: dynamically drawn hitarea bug filter applied hitarea bug hitarea no longer works hitarea stops working I recently noticed two weird bugs while handling hitArea’s in Flash (I say bug you might say feature). Situation 1: you have a clip on the timeline, let’s call it dialog you have a large hitarea below […]

Consuming webservices in Flash 8

During a partial refactoring process of the Behrloo client system, one of the items on my list was the backend webservice result processing. Without going into a lot of detail how these services are wrapped, it suffices to say that somewhere in the application a couple of webservices are being initialized and utilized through the […]

Non selectable transparent textfield with embedded font

Some of the V2 Flash Components are less than intuitive now and then. While working on the new trophy tour for Heineken we had to create an application with a transparent textarea with non selectable non editable text using a non standard (embedded) font with Spanish characters. Oh and the text had to be rendered […]

Some notes on inheritance in ActionScript 2

When implementing super and subclasses, Flash will call the superclass’ constructor automatically unless you call it yourself. Imagine you have the following code: class Super { public function Super () { trace (“super called”); } } class Sub extends Super { } var myObject:Object = new Sub();

Inverting the alpha of a bitmap image in ActionScript 2

A piece of code and a demo says more than a thousand words :). This code demonstrates inversion of an alpha channel in Flash8/AS2.