Hello and welcome to the development blog of ‘Rune Ways’, an indy mobile augmented reality multiplayer dungeon crawling escape room kind of game, made with Unity.

I know, I know, I need to work on the pitch, but this actually does in short, sum up the game. I imagine you and your friends sitting around the table, holding a tablet, mobile phone or some other XR device, staring intently at the virtual dungeon space between you, where untold mysteries unfold before your eyes.

Think dungeon & dragons but simpler, descent but then with puzzles, escape room but in a fantasy setting, table top rpg but without the hassle.

Interested? Great! Wanna play? Awesome, but unfortunately not yet possible.
However you can follow me on twitter & instagram and I will let you know the moment that changes! In addition, if you are interested in the week by week slow crawl also known as nighttime indy game development, please check back regularly for updates on the development blog below!

Development blog

Rune wayS Development Blog #002

Hello! And welcome to another dev log!

Last week was a crazy busy week with a lot of odds and ends started, in progress or completed.

I’ve been finishing up courses for my teaching day job for this quartile, preparing courses for next quartile, completing the first and easiest Unity Certified Associate Certification (don’t ask me why), starting on the Unity User Programmer Certification, updating this website with a new theme & structure, fixing this website’s blog, moving the rune-ways.com developer log over here for the time being, doing some more probuilder tutorials, working a little bit on marketing while getting Unity Collaborate and Cloud Build up and running, thinking on intermediate deliverables I could release to cut up the long haul, working on completing my first dutch Unity course so that I can finally release it, updating my twitter and instagram account, testing out creating Android and iOs builds on windows (and mac) and getting Unity remote to work on android and mac.

I think that was about it. Ah yeah also worked on fixing the lighting setup in my towers of hanoi game, which I apparently made uglier with every release. Still not done (but I did add it as a work in progress to the games section of this website, check it out!).

Although having so many small and bigger tasks intermingled is slightly chaotic and it is always a challenge to balance work/hobby/family time, for the most part evertything went fine. Even had time for some walks, motorcycle trips while the weather is AWeSomE and the odd game of warcraft 1 and farcry 5.

I do notice my sleep schedule shifting in the wrong direction during this whole Corona-lockdown-stay-at-home-thing, which is probably recognizable for a lot of other people too. I get up 15 minutes later every day ;).


The thing I worked on most this week was: trying to find out how to create an iPhone build for testing on Windows. Why windows? Because I hate working on a Mac.
I hate the end conclusion even more: you are better off building your iphone app with a Mac. Creating iPhone builds on windows using Cloud Build is …. meh.

So before I’ll go into how to do it in one of my other blog posts, the long and short is that in the end I was able to create iPhone builds on Windows and install them on my phone, and that the resulting workflow is pretty painless and smooth, BUT the fact that it takes around 30 minutes for an empty project killed it for me.
EVERY time you change something => 30 minutes of your life: poof. Gone.
Verified this with Unity: “Yeaap, 30 minutes sounds about right!”.

After moving the whole thing over to my mac, it takes about 1 minute to build and test.
Yay mac I love you (just kidding, I still hate you).

Summing up that means:

  • if you have a fast Android device, use that for testing, the iOs/Apple process sucks balls compared to Android
  • if you have to do iOs and you have a Mac, use it
  • if you have to do iOs and you don’t have a Mac, do it on Windows using Collaborate/Cloud Build, but don’t forget to shift your deadline by another year or so.

More details on the build process and some of the other stuff soon as well!

Rune wayS Development Blog #001

Rune ways development blog #001 ! Yeah! w00t! So…. anyway, where to start? At the beginning probably…

I’ve been wanting to make a game like this, or at least work on a game like this for a long time, but never got to actually doing it. Recent events however, which I might get into some other time, made me bite the bullet and finally start.

In the first phases that always means a lot of turmoil. There is tons of ideas that you have to write down in one format or another, there is a multitude of things you have to research before you even come close to the simplest version of what it is that you have in mind, and even though it is ‘just’ a hobby project, there is also some trepidation on how this will combine with my normal day job and family.

But as the old saying goes, ‘How do you eat an elephant?’. One bite at a time.

No matter how everything goes, I’m excited to work on it, having a lot of fun doing it, learning a lot of new things and enjoying the prospect of discussing, testing and playing it with my friends (and who knows who else)! If all else fails, there is at least that, but the plan of course is to actually finish it, so more on that in another post.

This past week I wrote down some initial game design ideas, created some concept art for a logo (as my son put it: I’m glad to see you are working on the non important elements such as the game name and logo first ;)), did a bunch of probuilder research, restructured & cleaned my website, setup my twitter & instagram account, made some initial room prototypes to figure out the layout, scaling and have something to build on top off and started looking into deploying to android (which was easy) and deploying to iOs from windows (which is !@#^^$&%#@$@@ so far).

Up next is rewriting the design ideas into user stories, blogging some more on my game ideas, and continuing research on mobile deployment, AR and networking. In the meantime I am also thinking about marketing and some intermediate products (aka simpler versions of or completely different but small games) to test/demonstrate some of the things I’ve learned. And sometimes progress is just agonizingly slow with only 2.5 hours per day, especially when the task at hand is complicated and requires 2 days of undivided attention.

Anyway, baby steps! Here is also a little video of the stuff I did this week:

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