Rune wayS Development Blog #001

Rune ways development blog #001 ! Yeah! w00t! So…. anyway, where to start? At the beginning probably…

I’ve been wanting to make a game like this, or at least work on a game like this for a long time, but never got to actually doing it. Recent events however, which I might get into some other time, made me bite the bullet and finally start.

In the first phases that always means a lot of turmoil. There is tons of ideas that you have to write down in one format or another, there is a multitude of things you have to research before you even come close to the simplest version of what it is that you have in mind, and even though it is ‘just’ a hobby project, there is also some trepidation on how this will combine with my normal day job and family.

But as the old saying goes, ‘How do you eat an elephant?’. One bite at a time.

No matter how everything goes, I’m excited to work on it, having a lot of fun doing it, learning a lot of new things and enjoying the prospect of discussing, testing and playing it with my friends (and who knows who else)! If all else fails, there is at least that, but the plan of course is to actually finish it, so more on that in another post.

This past week I wrote down some initial game design ideas, created some concept art for a logo (as my son put it: I’m glad to see you are working on the non important elements such as the game name and logo first ;)), did a bunch of probuilder research, restructured & cleaned my website, setup my twitter & instagram account, made some initial room prototypes to figure out the layout, scaling and have something to build on top off and started looking into deploying to android (which was easy) and deploying to iOs from windows (which is !@#^^$&%#@$@@ so far).

Up next is rewriting the design ideas into user stories, blogging some more on my game ideas, and continuing research on mobile deployment, AR and networking. In the meantime I am also thinking about marketing and some intermediate products (aka simpler versions of or completely different but small games) to test/demonstrate some of the things I’ve learned. And sometimes progress is just agonizingly slow with only 2.5 hours per day, especially when the task at hand is complicated and requires 2 days of undivided attention.

Anyway, baby steps! Here is also a little video of the stuff I did this week:

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